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"Serious stuff for the model railroad buff"

We carry an excellent assortment of tools and accessories to take your hobby to a new level.
While not a store, Hobby-Worx participates in well over two dozen model railroad shows in
southwestern Ontario every year and our customers have come to expect a great selection
and quality from the products we sell. Be sure to check our show schedule to shop in person.
We also ship merchandise promptly throughout Canada and the U.S. at reasonable rates.
No order is too small.

"Please Note"

Due to the fluctuating Canadian dollar and Micro-Mark's recent price adjustments, our posted prices may not be accurate.
We do strive to be competitive.
We are currently updating our prices and will have them corrected on the website shortly.
If you wish a quote, simply email us your order.
Thank you for your understanding.

Hobby-Worx specializes in:


Our excellent selection of quality hobby screws, nuts and washers comes sized right.
As a modeler, we understand that you may only need a small amount which is why they are bagged in small quantities.


As any trades professional would tell you, it takes the right tool to get the job done right.
We think the same applies to the hobby modeler. We offer a wide variety of hobby tools.


For the model railroader, ranging from

CheckMark Adhesives

CheckMark Ballast

CheckMark Castings for retaining walls, rock faces and tunnel portals.

CheckMark How-to-Books

CheckMark Landscape Foam

CheckMark Latex Rubber Moulds for truly unique small and large rock faces.

CheckMark LEDs

CheckMark Railroad Paints in acrylic and enamel.

and much much more...

For any inquiries, please email or call us.
To place an order, please use the order form and fax or email it for a shipping quote:

Phone: 905-430-9084
E-mail: hobbyworx@sympatico.ca

When shipping cost is confirmed, complete the order form and send it along with a cheque or money order made payable to Hobby-Worx at:

51 Guthrie Cres.
L1P 1A6

Please note that this is a Post Office box!
We do not have a store location.
For your convenience, we accept VISA and MasterCard.

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Please note price and availability are subject to change.