60664 SILVER BEARING SOLDER, 7.1 GRAMS 813354001322


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Solder In Fast, Easy Paste Form
Eliminates the “third hand” needed for soldering. Just apply a small amount of solder paste from the convenient, no-waste syringe and heat with soldering iron or torch. The paste bubbles away, leaving a clean, bright, hard joint that won?t tarnish. Has over twice the tensile strength of regular solder. Flows smoothly at just 430 degrees F. Solders all metals, except aluminum, zinc and pot metals (even solders stainless steel). Ideal for jewelry, models, autos, electrical connections and more. Contains no lead or corrosive materials. 7.1 grams.

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Weight 25 g
Dimensions 205 × 125 × 20 cm


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