Building Paper Has Brick-by-Brick Texture.


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Innovative Building Paper Has Brick-by-Brick Texture. Micro-Mark again leads the way with an innovative building paper that reproduces not only the look, but also the texture of brick on a scale model. Our Aged Factory Brick Paper is an exact-scale replica of a real brick surface that has been printed by a special process that raises the surface of each individual brick above the ‘mortar’ lines. No building paper or plastic sheet produced to date offers such realism. And for quick, easy application, we’ve applied a peel-and-stick adhesive to the back of the sheet. Each package contains four 6 inch high x 9 inch wide sheets of O scale brick paper. Accepts weathering powders and airbrushed colors for aging-effects.

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Dimensions 23 × 17 × 1 cm


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